Writing a novel or book can be a lifechanging experience.


Writing a novel or book can be a lifechanging experience. Fact or fiction, it takes tremendous time, energy and creativity to accomplish this endeavour. Writers can enhance their work by paying close attention to their writing style. Writing that is concise and focused will be much more attractive to the reader. When using descriptive words such as adjectives and adverbs a single word, le mot juste, is more effective than multiple mediocre choices.

Consistency in character, events, timeline and plot are also necessary for successful storytelling. When choosing content, remove anything that doesn’t serve the plot. As Anton Chekhov (Russian playwright) so rightly states ‘If there is a rifle hanging on the wall in Act 1, it must be fired in the next Act. Otherwise, it has no business being there.’

Equally, when devising a plot or a character, ensure that each develops and concludes within the reader’s reasonable expectations. Otherwise, the plot or character loses authenticity and the reader will disengage. So, no last-minute superpowers!

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6. We will then be able to discuss this via telephone or email before I begin to do the detailed editing and proofreading of your document.

7. Once the document has been proofread and edited, I will send you a Tracked Changes copy, so that you can see any changes that have been made. I will also send you a Clean copy, which will be ready for submission/ publication.

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